Boys Love Web Manga ‘Mahou Shoujo: Ore’ to Receive Anime Adaptation


According to yaraon, boys love web manga Mahou Shoujo: Ore will be receiving an anime adaptation. More information will be revealed at a later time.

You can view the web manga here.

Boys-Love-Manga-Mahou-Shoujo-Ore-Anime-Adaptation-AnnouncedBoys Love Web Manga Mahou Shoujo Ore Cover

Mahou Shoujo: Ore web manga synopsis:

Saki Hino is a member of the new idol group Magical Twin. She admires Mohiro Mikage from the popular idol group STAR☆RICE and would like to do anything for him. Her wish comes true one day when she becomes a male Mahou Shoujo!

Source: yaraon