Brief introduction of the new owner of


Hello users of – I am Swaps4, the new owner. You may have noticed the message at the top of the site from Maraviollantes stating that due to lack of time and decreasing interest he could no longer maintain the site, so I’ve decided to take over the project.

You may ask, what are your current plans for the site? Right now I am going to leave the site as it is. I do plan to improve on it, but I want to get to know its users before hand and take suggestions. Here are my current future plans for the site:

  • Forums (Would be nice to have a dedicated place we can all socialize at)
  • Find new admins to help maintain the site (Need dedicated Moonies!)
  • Improve on how the site works and its features (Need suggestions!)

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all! Please feel free to leave a comment with feedback or suggestions below.


Since I finally have all of the doujinshi files on my computer now (As of January 2012). I can finally start to work on stuff. I can’t decide if I should either host the files on my server or re-upload them to DDLs again (big chance of DDL links dying, I’ve noticed a large % of current ones are dead). I currently have a member of staff developing his own e-reader software. Once that’s done I may introduce it onto the site, not sure yet.


I’m currently looking for old mods/admins to get in touch with me. You can either contact me here or on Skype (Swaps4). Also if you haven’t noticed, I’ve embedded a twitter widget at the top where the old site messages used to be. I’ll use this to let users know what is going on.