How to announce your currently playing music on mIRC using Foobar2000


This is just a quick guide since a few people have been asking me on IRC how to do it. So you’ve seen people announce the music they are currently listening to on IRC like:

<&Swaps4> »» Foobar2000 «» playing: チャットモンチー – 橙 «» 1109 kbps ««

You want to be able to show off what you are listening to as well? Continue reading.

First you will need Foobar2000. If you aren’t already using this as your default playback program for music, please do so now. Once you have Foobar2000 installed, hit CTRL + P. This will bring up the Components panel.

Once this panel is open, head over to this link to download Now Playing Simple. Once downloaded, unzip/unrar it and go back to the Components panel, hit the ‘Install…’ button, navigate to where you just unzip/unrar’d foo_np_simple.7z (foo_np_simple.dll) (Now Playing Simple) and hit open. Now hit ‘Apply’, you will be prompted to restart Foobar2000, do so.

Once restarted, hit CTRL + P again and go to Tools > Now Playing Simple. Where it says filename, put your mIRC directory. In my case it is X:\mIRC – We want to create a file for the currently playing songs to be dumped to, so make it X:\mIRC\np.txt

Once that is done, open up mIRC and hit ALT + R. Go to the Aliases tab > File > New – then dump this in there:

/np /play np.txt

Once that is done, hit OK. Now go to any channel on mIRC and type /np – If you have followed this guide right it should display what is currently playing. If it doesn’t and it spits out an error like * /play: unable to open ‘C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\mIRC\np.txt’ (line 1, aliases.ini) – Just dump the np.txt to that directory.

You can make custom formatting strings if you want to, if you’re lazy just use mine.

13»» Foobar2000
«» playing
): %artist% – %title%,
) «»
%bitrate% kbps ««