Dark Phoenix the Dark Magic Expert Goes on Sale


Dark Phoenix who is known for her dark magic and smoking pipe, which stores an immense amount of power, gets an outstanding figure. Not only does this figure display her provocative yet elegant pose but it also shows off her mature curvaceous figure.

The figure is a 1/6 scale and is approximately 29.00 cm tall and comes with the base as shown in the pictures below.

Pre-orders are available for both the pre-painted version and the garage-kit version at E2046. The pre-painted version is priced at $111.10 USD (normally $123.44, currently 10% off). The garage-kit is priced at $47.99 USD (normally $63.99, currently 25% off).

Dark Phoenix is a new approach, she is the first PVC figure released in the ORI series. Dark Phoenix is an expertise at dark magic. With immense power in her possession, she imbues it into the smoking pipe. Her power is noticeable, for she summons a spiritual phoenix that shadows her whenever she channels her magic. The clear part is being used for the phoenix to reflect this.