Fate/Grand Order Update Introduces Halloween Event


Delight Works’ online RPG for iOS and Android, Fate/Grand Order, has updated with a Halloween update that will run from October 19, 2016 17:00 to November 02, 2016 22:59 JST. The Halloween event is titled Halloween Comeback! Extremely☆Large Pumpkin Village ~And The Adventure…~

The event introduces new craft essences:

  • Heroine Eli-chan’s Adventurefate-grand-order-heroine-eli-chans-adventure
  • Wizard & Priestfate-grand-order-wizard-priest
  • Mata Hari’s Tavernfate-grand-order-mata-haris-tavern

The new servants include:

  • Dangerous Beastfate-grand-order-dangerous-beast
  • Witch of Moonlit Nightfate-grand-order-witch-of-moonlit-night
  • Count Romani Archiman’s Hospitalityfate-grand-order-count-romani-archimans-hospitality

Source: Fate/Grand Order Wiki