Gundam Models Fan Makes a One-Punch Man Inspired Model

Justin Gundam Custom, a Japanese Gundam models fan, revealed his latest custom model inspired by the notorious Saitama and Genos from the airing anime, manga and web-comic One-Punch Man! Check out the amazing and hilarious result:

one-punch-man-gundam-model-1 one-punch-man-gundam-model-2 one-punch-man-gundam-model-3 one-punch-man-gundam-model-4 one-punch-man-gundam-model-5 one-punch-man-gundam-model-6

Justin Gundam Custom is a well-known custom Gundam model creator, he’s also the maker of this Darth Vader custom model below.

darth-vader-gundam-model-4 darth-vader-gundam-model-3 darth-vader-gundam-model-2 darth-vader-gundam-model-5 darth-vader-gundam-model

You can check his recent models on his website.

Source: Crunchyroll

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