Haruhichan Android App – An in-depth info guide

You may or may not have noticed that our Android App recently went into open BETA. We’ve been getting flooded with very basic questions, so I’ve decided to write up an in-depth info guide giving the ins and outs of the app.

First of all, you’ll want to visit this page and click the highlighted text which says join as an alpha tester. Once you click the link, you’ll be redirected to a Google+ community page, Haruhichan Apps Test Group. Click the ‘ask to join’ button. Once you’ve been accepted you’ll be able to view the community and download the app onto any of your devices.

When you’ve been accepted, the community page should look something like this:

Haruhichan Apps Test Group Community pageNoticed how I highlighted the ‘Want the app? CLICK HERE’ part? That’s because most of you over look this then ask ‘How do I get the app??’ – I can understand if you’re on your android device and you ask, since for some reason the ‘About this community’ doesn’t show on your tablet/phone if you are using the Google+ app.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Want the app? CLICK HERE’ you’ll be redirect to a page with instructions, follow them:

Haruhichan-Apps-Test-Group-Community-instructionsIf you’re following the above instructions, you should be redirected to a page that looks something like this:

Haruhichan.com become an android testerClick become a tester, once clicked you should get a confirmation to say you’re now a tester like so:

Haruhichan.com you are now a testerOnce you are a tester, you should be able to view the Haruhichan app on the Google Play Store. You can either click the ‘Download Haruhichan from the Play Store‘ or the link stated in the instructions which is here (Please note these links won’t work if you didn’t confirm yourself as a tester.)

Now you can install the App to your device(s) of choice. Once installed a Haruhichan app icon should be automatically placed onto your device, click it to open the app. Once opened you’ll be welcomed by the default currently airing ‘season’ of anime.

Haruhichan App Currently Airing AnimeYou can now browse our catalog of currently airing anime and decide what you want to watch. Once you click on an anime, lets use D-Frag! as an example. The app will switch to the page for that anime as seen here:

Haruhichan App D-Frag anime pageIt will load the ‘Information’ tab by default. Here you can see all the information you need to know about the show (Alt names, Japanese name, Status, Airing date, Producers, Genres, Next episode airing time and Synopsis.) If you click on the ‘Releases’ tab, it’ll show you ever single release so far for this anime. The latest releases will be at the top, of-course.

Haruhichan App D-Frag anime releases pageAs you can see above, you have a wide variety of Fansub groups to pick from. They’re all good so you can pick whoever, really. If you like a certain group, stick with them. I recommend to not download Hi10P (10bit) releases on older devices that struggle to play it back. By clicking the download button, a pop-up screen should appear giving you options on what to do. You’ll need a torrent client at this point to download torrents. I recommend µTorrent for android.

Haruhichan App D-Frag anime download popupI clicked ‘Open with torrent program’ which brings up the µTorrent app for android.

2014-02-03 20.14.28It will ask you where you want to save the file, I just hit ‘Add’. Once done your torrent will start downloading (Please note that the speed depends on your ISP and how well the torrent is being seeded.)

Haruhichan App D-Frag anime download utorrent android.png episode 4Now you’ll wait for the torrent to finish downloading. Once downloaded, you can view it on any media player. I recommend MX Player. Open up MX Player and it should automatically find everything to do with media files. Just open the file you want to play and enjoy.

Haruhichan App MX Player

Haruhichan App MX Player D-Frag episode 4 720pNow that’s over with, you now know the basics of how to use the app and grab anime episodes of your choice!

Here is the overview of options you have with the Haruhichan Android App:

Haruhichan App optionsOne thing that’s nice about this app is that it’s so easy to use and very visually appealing. Here you can see all the latest anime releases (You can click on them to download them!):

Haruhichan App all releasesHaruhichan App all releases 2You can even filter releases by Movie, OVA/ONA, Special etc.

Haruhichan App movie releases Haruhichan App special releases.pngA really nice feature is that you’re able to search anime by its name or you can filter it out by status, genre, season and year.

Haruhichan App search pageOne of my personal favorite features of this app is the airing calendar. It’s so easy to use and really nice to keep on track with currently airing shows.

Haruhichan App airing calendar 1Haruhichan App airing calendar 2Haruhichan Android App Features:
* Latest scene releases!
* Anime airing time and calendar that counts down in real time!
* File lists for currently airing shows!

Requires Android 1.6 and up

HoneyComb and above is supported. There’s currently no plans to support Gingerbread, at least not until beta.

Hopefully this post has provided you enough information about the app and the general use of it. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments below or let us know in our google community!


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