Hotaru Joins Renge as a New Non Non Nendo


Despite the anime ending recently (you can check out our review here) there is some new news about Non Non Biyori, the show’s second nendoroid has just been announced! Following the previous nendoroid Renge, this time around it is none other than Hotaru Ichijou!

NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 01

This particular nendoroid comes with a whole host of unique goodies, first of which is her rather unique elementary school backpack stand, which will be what supports her over the traditional curvy nendoroid supporter.

NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 02NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 03

In addition to her unique stand and facial expressions, Hotarun also comes with a unique arm holding one of her Komari-chan dolls, as well as a separate Komari doll to display along side her!

NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 07NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 05

As a special pre-order bonus if you order directly from Good Smile Company’s shop, a special hand-holding accessory that can be used with Renge’s nendoroid will be included!

NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 11

Also included with this announcement was that Renge’s nendoroid will be getting a re-release alongside Hotarun’s so if you missed her the first time around you can pick her up at a more reasonable price! Expect both of them to go up for pre-order sometime tomorrow!

NonNonBiyori Houtorun Nendo 12

(Source: Mikatan’s GSC Blog)