IGN Staff’s Picks for 2015’s Top Anime!

Known for their gaming journalism, IGN has revealed their top 9 anime of 2015 according to series that excelled in animation and storytelling and that should absolutely be on your watchlist.

Here are the results:

9. Kekkai SensenCelebrate the Summertime Festival with the Libra Gang kekkai sensen
8. Death ParadeDeath Parade Visual haruhichan.com Death Parade anime visual
7. Shokugeki no SoumaNyanType-Magazine-September-anime-posters shokugeki no soma
6. Gatchaman Crowds InsightGatchaman Crowds Season 2 Visual Revealed
5. Ore MonogatariOre-Monogatari!!_Haruhichan.com-Anime-Visual-02
4. One-Punch ManOne-Punch-Man-Anime-Magazine-Visual-01
3. Gakkou Gurashi!NyanType-Magazine-August-anime-posters gakkou gurashi!
2. ShirobakoShirobako Haruhichan.com Megami MAGAZINE February 2015 anime posters
1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoTop 10 Anime Series from NewType’s May 2015 Issue Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

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