JAST USA Lists Aselia the Eternal on Steam Greenlight

JAST USA is hoping to expand their presence on Steam with Aselia the Eternal, known as Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- in Japan, having been posted on Valve’s community-driven Greenlight platform.

Released in Japan in 2003, JAST USA previously released Aselia the Eternal – physically – on JList which is still available for purchase. Despite featuring mature content in its original release, this version of developer Xuse’s strategy-RPG/visual novel hybrid will have erotic scenes excerpted to presumably fit Steam’s strict stance on suggestive material.

With over 50 hours of gameplay, 21 characters to choose from, nine endings, and three levels of difficulty, players will be transported to the esoteric world of Phantasmagoria as Takamine Yuuto. Together with a collection of stunning female Spirits, our protagonist makes the decision to rebel against an evil force that has the potential to destroy the land which the Spirits strive so hard to protect. With his sister being held captive by this malicious entity, it’s up to Yuuto to take matters – and perhaps a lovely lady, as well – into his own hands.

You can head on over to the official Greenlight page to help JAST USA bring Aselia the Eternal onto Steam!

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