K-On!’s Mio’s Birthday Goods

Even after seven years after the show has aired, fans of K-ON! will be pleased to see that the love hasn’t died down. Celebrating Mio’s birthday, on January 15, the TBS and MBS television station store, Animaru, stocked their shelves with Mio-styled birthday goods! The cute, shy bass player will receive birthday gifts in the form of a light-up bass effector, nearly life-size pillows, a glasses holder, a t-shirt, and more!

Mio Birthday Goods

The K-ON Mio Driver (K-MD1) is priced at 29,700 yen (254 USD) and has a light-up engraving when the power is turned on. One of the dials is the “Hokage Tea Time” control.

Mio Birthday Goods 2

The acrylic glasses stand shows Mio’s cute visage, so you can rest your glasses on her when you aren’t using them. It costs 3,780 yen (32 USD).

Mio Birthday Goods 3

The seal set includes a stamp that can be used on official documents, a carrying case, and an ink pad. These bundle is priced at a reasonable 4,860 yen (41.50 USD).

Mio Birthday Goods 4

The almost life-sized pillow of Mio shows off her shy side, favoring a blue mini-dress with a high ponytail. It’s 100cm x 150 cm (39in x 59in) and will cost you 15,222 yen (130 USD). The shop will also have available the same pillow with a removable cover for 20,365 yen (174 USD). Just look at those thighs! How can you resist?

Mio Birthday Goods 5

Mio sporting a large top hat and what seems to be a princely uniform t-shirt will be priced at 5,616 yen (48 USD).

Mio Birthday Goods 6

These adorable folded char-like cushions are excellent for tea times with friends! One costs 7,992 yen (69 USD). Replacement covers will cost 5,724 (49 USD).

Mio Birthday Goods 7

Animaru will also be selling a cute square-shaped pillow of Mio for 7,020 yen (60 USD). One one side is a casual Mio, while the other is the shy pop star on the mic.

Mio Birthday Goods 8

Source: Anime News Network

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