Kirito Bed Sheet and More Sword Art Online Merchandise Previewed

Genco, the makers of the Gun Gale Online / Sword Art Online II bed sheet version of Kirito which was sold at last year’s Summer’s Comiket 86 doujinshi mega-event are back with a brand new Kazuto Kirigaya bed covering which will be sold at the AnimeJapan 2015 tradeshow this weekend. The item will be offered along with Asuna x Yuki towels and water proof clear posters and more at the Genco booth.

Kazuto Kirigaya bed covering – 9,500 yen ($78)Sword Art Online Kazuto Kirigaya bed covering

Asuna x Yuki towel – 8,000 yen ($66)Sword art online Asuna x Yuki towel

Clearfiles – 2,500 yen ($20.5) eachsword art online clear files

Asuna and Yuki water proof poster – 2,000 yen ($16.5)sword art online asuna and yuki clear poster water proof

Source: Crunchyroll, Sword Art Online official website

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