MV for Tokyo Ghoul √A’s ED Is Brutally Delicious

Those following Tokyo Ghoul √A would know it’s been quite a riveting adventure thus far. Let’s take a break from the anime for a moment to admire the music video for its ending theme Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku by Amazarashi (roughly translated to “Seasons Dying One After The Other”).

Warning: Video may be disturbing for some viewers

The video certainly follows through with the theme of the anime – depicting a young bespectacled woman eating what seems to be raw meat. A plain setting with a filter that grays out the entire scene, making it artistically drab – the existence of this girl as well as the meat, a sharp contrast with the background.

What slowly unfolds is a music video that’s almost as dark as the anime itself. She begins to eat and seems reluctant, but begins to enjoy it more and more. She becomes more voracious as the melodic tune plays and it ends in a way that can only be described as violently beautiful.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Ending Theme Song ED MV Music Video Rize
That red liquid in the glass… And who is to say the meat isn’t human?

Another point that is interesting to note is that there are words seemingly 3D printed out of the meat pieces, and the girl bears a stark resemblance to one of the show’s pivotal female character’s, the binge eating ghoul, Rize. Slick editing, an interesting idea and modern technology all come together to make this unique piece of art.

Definitely one of the more edgy MVs to come out in recent times, it’s well worth a watch for fans of the series. Those following Tokyo Ghoul will also be interested to know the final episode of the season will be releasing this week, and can be found right here on Haruhichan.

Any thoughts on the music video? On the song itself? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time, Tomoki the Toronto Ghoul signing out!

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