No Game No Life Author Has Been Caught Tracing


No Game No Life Manga Artist Caught Tracing miku anime

The No Game No Life manga artist/creator who goes by the name of Kamiya Yuu was recently caught tracing his works and someone took to social media to call him out on his tracing. This anime and manga series is really popular in both the western and eastern parts of the world, and this has come as a surprise to many people throughout the internet and social media. He isn’t the first person in the industry to be caught either; Sou Miyata, character designer and illustrator for Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse‘s novel, was fired from his position when some of his material was found to be blatantly traced.

As of this post nothing has been officially announced on what will happen to his works, or if he will lose his position for tracing other people’s artwork. It hasn’t been confirmed if he’s asked the artists if he could use their works.

Source: Seventh Style