Occultic;Nine TV Anime Adaptation Slated for This Year

The official website of Chiyomaru Shikura and pako’s Occultic;Nine light novel series has revealed that the series will be receiving a TV anime adaptation. The anime is currently scheduled to air later this year.


The Occultic;Nine series is written by Chiyomaru Shikura, who is the head of MAGES, the creator of many of 5pb. and Nitroplus’ visual novels, including Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes.

The main cast of the anime has been announced, who will also be voicing the recently announced video game adaptation of the series:

  • Yuuki Kaji (Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan) will lead as Yuuta GamonOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Yuuta-Gamon
  • Ayane Sakura (Gasper Vladi from High School DxD New) will voice Ryoka NarusawaOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Ryoka-Narusawa
  • Kaito Ishikawa (Tsumugu Kihara from Nagi no Asukara) as Sarai HashigamiOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Sarai-Hashigami
  • Hitomi Yoshida (Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon Adventure tri.) is voicing Miyuu AikawaOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Miyuu-Aikawa
  • Shizuka Itou (Luviagelita Edelfelt in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya) is going to voice Touko SumikazeOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Touko-Sumikaze
  • Miyuki Sawashiro (Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!) voices Aria KurenainoOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Aria-Kurenaino
  • Kishou Taniyama (Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan) as Kiryuu KusakabeOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Kiryuu-Kusakabe
  • Mamiko Noto (Kotomi Ichinose in Clannad) is voicing as Ririka NishizonoOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Ririka-Nishizono
  • Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail) will voice Shun MoritsukaOcculticNine-Character-Designs-Shun-Moritsuka

Here is the anime’s announcement promotional video:

The Occultic;Nine light novel series began in late 2014 where a total of 2 volumes have been release. The series is also being adapted into a monthly manga in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine by Ganjii. The first volume of the manga released on the 7th of April this year.

Here is the series synopsis from MAL:

The “paranormal science” story follows nine idiosyncratic individuals, linked by the “Chōjō Kagaku Kirikiri Basara” occult summary blog run by 17-year-old second-year high school student Yūta Gamon. Little incongruities that occur around these nine eventually lead to a larger, unimaginable event that may alter what is considered common sense in this world.

A TV anime adaptation of Occultic;Nine is being produced for a 2016 broadcast. Further information about the anime will be revealed at a later date.

You can visit the anime’s website here: http://occultic-nine.com/
And follow their Twitter: @occultic_nine

Source: Anime News Network

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