Oppai Mouse Pads That Moan When Touched?!

Oppai mouse pads, or 3D mouse pads featuring the women (and sometimes men) of anime, are a unique part of Japan’s anime sub-culture. There’s a new line of these special mouse pads called “Voppai,” which pushes the boundary between anime and reality, by giving the girl the ability to react vocally to being fondled!

Not only do they respond to your touch, but their responses vary depending on how you touch them. The location and strength determine the response they give. Between you and me, I don’t think these were made for practical use.

The two characters who will be receiving the new vocal oppai mouse pad treatment are both original characters. The first one is named Shizuku, and she is voiced by Mao Tachibana. Her lines translate to:

“When you rub them gently, I get shivers.”
“Are you kind enough to like my boobs?”
“I…want to squeeze something between them, right here.”

Oppai Pads Moan When Touched

The second character is named Mari, and is voiced by Minami Imaya. Mari is a waitress from “Pooters,” a play on the American restaurant chain, Hooters, which is best known for their scantily clad waitresses. Her lines translate to:

“Since I was in junior high, they’re still getting bigger…”
“And they’re stilling getting bigger.”
“Smooth and soft, don’t you think?”

Oppai Pads Moan When Touched 2

They aren’t available for commercial use quite yet, as they were just introduced during the Character1 character content and merchandising expo at the Tokyo Big Sight last weekend.

Oppai Pads Moan When Touched 3

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Source: SGCafe

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