Pokemon Juice and Japan’s Latest Anime Treats

If the saying “You are what you eat” is true then anime fans rejoice as Japan serves you with its latest anime food trends launched these past weeks.

Pokemon Juice

Packaged in Pokemon XY characters cans, Pokemon Juice comes in two flavors: Orange and Apple. Beverage company, DyDo Drinco featured the said anime brand to make healthy juices more appealing to kids.

Pokemon Orange stars Pikachu, Gogoat, Froakie, Helioptile, Pancham, and Yveltal.

Pokemon Orange

While Chespin, Sylveon, Fennekin, Fletchling, and Xerneas and Pikachu, again, appear on Pokemon Apple variant.

Pokemon Apple

Pokemon Juices are available in most stores and vending machines across Japan since November 4. As a quick thirst quencher or anime collection, this Pokemon beverage will definitely be a hit for kids and kids at heart.

One Piece Gum Gum Fruit Buns

Famous convenience store chain, 7 Eleven, started offering sweet buns shaped like a Gum Gum Fruit from the anime, One Piece. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any special ability but they do taste good with its whipped cream and blueberry jam filling!

One Piece Gum Gum Fruit Buns7 Eleven will also be having other One Piece promos wherein customers can win special posters, towels or a Monkey D. Luffy figure.

Monkey D Luffy Figure

Cactuar Pretz

With the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Ezaki Glico and Square Enix collaborated for a limited Cactuar-decorated Pretz in its original roasted corn flavor.

Cactuar Pretz Lightning Returns

Customers who will  purchase two Glico items will also receive special Lightning Returns card. Each card has a code wherein users can download a free weapon for the Final Fantasy smartphone game,  Pictologica Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns cards

These items are cute enough for you to buy them all and the rare collectibles are just to hard to resist! Japan definitely knows how to make the rest of the world jealous, so until the next batch of new and cute food treats, bye bye ♡.

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