Sailor Moon Luna Themed Wallet and Accessory Collection

Sailor Moon is the one show that keeps on giving, and sure enough there are brand new accessories. This latest Luna Leather Collection is a versatile edition to the Sailor Moon accessory lines, in which they are more functional and fit for every day use. These cat, sailor senshi themes are sure to make you say, “In the name of the moon, I will buy this!”

The collection is made up of four pieces ranging from price from $176 USD to less pricier options. The items include wallets and ID cases all embossed with the Sailor Guardians’ planetary symbols, a crescent moon, and cute little cat ears.

Pre-orders are available at Premium Bandai, and the items are set for release in January 2016.

Luna Leather Collection 2 Luna Leather Collection 3 Luna Leather Collection 4 Luna Leather Collection

Source: Crunchyroll

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