Shiro Amano Confirms Kingdom Hearts Manga Is Over

Shiro Amano, the illustrator for the Kingdom Hearts manga, has confirmed on Twitter that the manga series has finally ended on Friday. Amano said in the tweet, “It’s a little sad, but, the Kingdom Hearts manga has finished, so I probably won’t be posting any related tweets anymore.”

Amano, alongside the author of the manga, Nomura Tetsuya, finally finished the serialization of their Kingdom Hearts II in May.

Amano has created manga adaptations for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days games. North American publisher Tokyopop released all four volumes of Kingdom Hearts, both volumes of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and two volumes of Kingdom Hearts II before the company shut down its North American publishing division in 2011.

Kingdom Hearts II manga synopsis from MAL:

Sora is a young energetic boy looking forward to exploring the world with his friends, Riku and Kairi. The threesome is working hard on completing a raft that will allow them to leave their island but one day a mysterious force causes Sora to gain a special weapon known as the Keyblade. He fights some weird monsters and gets transported to a strange town. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy leave their castle to search for the king and the chosen one who holds the “key” to saving the world. Sora is attacked again by creatures known as Heartless but is helped out by an old man named Cid and a warrior named Leon. He eventually meets up with Donald and Goofy and they join forces to go search for his friends and the King.

Kingdom Hearts II manga

Source: ANN, Twitter

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