Summer 2016 Anime Hashtags

It is finally the Summer season and a lot of exciting shows are here to ease our vacation boredom! Haruhichan seasonally provides a list of hashtags, official Twitter accounts and sites for your usage in case you go ranting, rambling (and fangirl/boying) on Twitter or other social networking sites. These resources will be helpful for sharing and attaining information about these shows. Also, if you would not want to get spoiled from a certain show, muting a hashtag is a piece of cake. (To know how to mute a hashtag, click here.)

We will appreciate you bookmarking and sharing this page. Let the people know to use these hashtags so spoilers will be kept! For a less messy list, just pick what you plan on watching, copy their hashtags and paste them in a note.

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Here is a list of the official anime hashtags, official Twitter accounts and websites that I have compiled from long-running shows, Spring 2016 leftovers and this Summer 2016 season:


  • In alphabetical order
  • Not all anime aired in this season in Japan are on this list (some of short, kids shows are omitted, especially without Twitter hashtags/accounts)
  • Some of these shows don’t have either an official hashtag, an official account or an official website
  • More titles and hashtags will be added without prior notice
  • If there are any series that are not included in the list or if there are any mistakes, please comment below so we can add/change it!

Long-running Series:

Spring 2016 Leftovers:

Summer 2016 Shows:

And there you have it! So many continuing and new shows this Summer!

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