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Sword Art Online II Fails to Make It into the Top 5 of the Most Popular Anime of Fall 2014

We’re already halfway into the Fall 2014 anime season and a website dedicated to Japanese Men’s lifestyle, men-joy, has asked 2,202 anime fans what series they like best from the Fall 2014 anime lineup.

The survey’s audience are aged 15 – 45 years old, both male and female, were allowed to vote on multiple series. Here are the results:

10) Girlfriend (Kari): 16.3% of the votesGirlfriend-(Kari) Anime-Visual-03

9) Sailor Moon Crystal: 16.6% of the votesBishoujo-Senshi-Sailor-Moon-Crystal-anime-image 2

8) Parasyte:17.2% of the votesParasyte-Anime-Visual-1

7) Sword Art Online II: 17.8% of the votesSword-Art-Online-2-Calibur-arc-haruhichan.com-Sword-Art-Online-II-calibur-arc-anime

6) Terra Formars: 18.4% of the votesTerra Formars anime visual haruhichan.com TERRAFORMARS

5) Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road: 18.7% of the votesYowamushi-Pedal-Grande-Road_Haruhichan

4) Magic Kaito 1412: 19.3% of the votesMagic Kaito 1412 anime visual haruhichan.com magic kaito anime

3) Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV): 20.5% of the votesFate-stay-night-Visual-4_Haruhichan

2) Gundam: G no Reconguista: 22.6% of the votesGundam-G-no-Reconguista_Haruhichan

1) The Seven Deadly Sins: 23.8% of the votesThe Seven Deadly Sins Nanatsu no Taizai anime key visual

It’s amazing to see Sword Art Online II not make it into the top 5 for once, let alone the #1 spot, which it usually claims in these online anime polls from Japan.

Source: men-joy, SGCafe