Terraformars Live-Action Film Receives a New Poster Visual

Terraformars, originally released as a manga written by Yuu Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana, has been gaining momentum as of lately with a TV anime adaptation in September 2014 and several spin-off manga since its debut in 2011. According to Crunchyroll‘s listing for the aforementioned Terraformars anime, the sypnosis goes:

With Earth becoming increasingly overpopulated, an ambitious plan has been put into place to terraform Mars using mold and cockroaches. Nearly 500 years after the plan, a mission to Mars, Annex 1, is under way to accomplish crucial research into the Virus currently plaguing mankind with the crew members who’ve been injected with various DNA of life on Earth in order to combat the Terraformars, giant humanoid cockroaches.

Takashi Miike, responsible for helming the director’s seat on several live-action adaptations like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Yatterman, is once again providing his extensive experience for this film. Alongside Miike, Kazuki Nakashima, responsible for series composition and scriptwriting on anime such as Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, is providing the script.

Back in August, there was another little poster tease in regards to the existence of the Terraformars film, but didn’t show off the ensemble quite yet in their epic spacesuits. To give starry-eyed cinema viewers a look into this live-action realization, a poster was recently revealed thanks in part to the film’s staff.

Terraformars’ August poster (left), October poster (right)

Terraformars will premiere on April 29th, 2016, in Japan, and star Emi Takei (Rurouni Kenshin live-action films) and Hideaki Ito (Western Sukiyaki Django) as the leading roles of Nanao Akita and Shoukichi Komachi, respectively.

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, Kitakubu

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