Top 10 Anime Series from NewType’s November 2015 Issue

Today’s series rankings come from the November 2015 issue of the popular Japanese anime magazine, NewType. This issue of NewType can be purchased here.

Here are the rankings for the top 10 anime series for November 2015:

10) Love Live! School Idol ProjectLove-Live-The-School-Idol-Movie-Visual
9) Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade WorksFate-stay-night-Unlimited-Blade-Works-Blu-ray-Box-2-Visual
8) Prison SchoolMegami-Magazine-September-anime-posters-prison school
7) Gakkou Gurashi!This New Gakkou Gurashi! Visual Recaps Episode 5 Perfectly
6) Himouto! Umaru-chanMegami-Magazine-October-anime-posters-himouto! umaru-chan
5) OverlordNyanType-Magazine-October-anime-posters-overlord
4) AnoHanaTop 10 Anime Series Females Would Recommend to Others AnoHana
3) The [email protected]: Cinderella GirlsTriad Primus Welcomes a New Generation of Idols in New Idolmaster Visual
2) CharlotteMegami-Magazine-November-anime-posters-charlotte
1) Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.Anohana's Upcoming Film Kokoro Ga Sakebitagatterunda. Visual Revealed

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