Top 10 Most Outstanding TV Anime of 2015


Japanese website animeanime asked their readers: Which TV anime series from 2015 was the most outstanding? With 1,500 total votes, 61.6% of the voters were aged 20 – 25, while 38.2% were 19 or younger, and the 60.2% of the voters were men, while 39.8% were women.

The poll ran from December 16 to December 23, 2015, and the respondents were allowed to pick up to 3 choices from the pool of shows that were on the air during the year of 2015.

Here are the results:

10) Prison SchoolPrison School Meiko Shiraki anime poster
9) GintamaTop 10 Anime Series Females Would Recommend to Others gintama
8) Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?NyanType-Magazine-January-2016-anime-poster-gochuumon wa usagi desu ka
7) Haikyuu!! Second SeasonHaikyuu!! Second Season 2nd-cour anime key visual
6) Kekkai SensenHalloween Themed Kekkai Sensen Visual Revealed
5) One-Punch ManOne-Punch-Man-Anime-Magazine-Visual-01
4) Mr. OsomatsuOsomatsu-san anime visual
3) Hibike! EuphoniumHibike! Euphonium megami magazine special issue
2) Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade WorksFate-stay-night-Unlimited-Blade-Works-Blu-ray-Box-2-Visual
1) CharlotteGet Christmassy with This New Charlotte Visual