Top 6 Anime or Manga Worlds Fans Would Not Want to Live In


Japanese website My Navi recently asked their readers: Which anime or manga series would you not want to live in?

The poll had a total of 285 responses and only displayed the top 6, and here are the results:

Dragon BallDragon Ball Full Color Volume 1

Attack on TitanNew Key Visual for the 2nd Attack on Titan Movie 2nd shingeki no kyojin movie visual

Fist of the North StarDDNavi Users Vote for the Most Powerful Shounen Jump Manga Fist of the north star manga

Death NoteAnime Series You Should Check out during the Halloween Season Death Note Anime

KaijiTop 20 Most Psychological Anime Kaiji

Ushijima the Loan SharkUshijima the Loan Shark