Yandere Simulator Currently in Development


Have you ever wanted to get senpai to notice you? Have you tried so many innocent and ‘normal’ options, but they still don’t work? Maybe it’s time to get a little more physical and take out the competition since who else can senpai love when only you are left? Though you will need some practice first.

Well you are in luck, Yandere Sim, a yandere simulator, is currently in development.


Developer YandereDev will be making everyone’s dream game, to play as a yandere. First thing first, yandere’s are mentally unstable girls who are so in love with a boy that they will go any lengths to make sure she gets the boy. This means taking out the competition in any way possible, which includes any gory or horrible methods. And you will get to experience that throughout the game. One such example is Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki.

Yandere Sim will be a stealth game, similar to the Metal Gear Solid and Hitman franchises, where you will need to take out enemies silently without arousing suspicion. You will also need to drag bodies away from crowds to avoid being revealed as a crazy bitch.


You will control a customisable girl who has various traits that can be changed. Not only that there will be a dedicated laugh button so you know you are getting the best possible simulation. You can also take pictures of your lovely senpai as well as any suspects who will get in your way. You can then pin them up on a wall to plan your next move.

The game will also feature a true to life Japanese school routine. The developer has spoken to Japanese school teachers and may design the game around accurate school times and environments. You can find out more information about the implementation of these features here.’

The game will also feature a visual novel style of gameplay when interacting with your senpai and other students. Check out this clip of it in action:

And what yandere would you be without your massive array of weapons? The game has many sharp objects for you to use at the moment and many more are expected to be added at a later date.

There is still so much more information about the game that I won’t go into detail about. You can check more of the game on its blog. I will leave you with some more gameplay and screenshots of the game:

The game is still early in development and no full demo has been released so far. The same developer has also made a parody of Cookie Clicker called Yandere Clicker, so have a go at that.

Be sure to check out the game’s development blog for more information: http://yanderedev.wordpress.com/