Welcome 2014 with Yozakura Quartet and Steins;Gate Osechi Boxes

New Year, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, is a holiday families go the extra mile to serve fancy and scrumptious meals. But in Japan, a carefully-prepared feast is a tradition. Called osechi, these are traditionally home-made and presented in neatly compartmentalized boxes called juubako.

But thanks to company, Famima, anime-themed osechi are now available at Japanese convenience stores. The Yozakura Quartet osechi includes roast pork with black pepper, skewers of water snails boiled in sugar, candied baby peaches, shrimp and spinach rolls and bamboo shoots.

Yozakura Quartet bento meal Steins;Gate bento mealWhile in the Steins;Gate set, you can enjoy crab claws, sweet potatoes boiled in lemon juice, boiled lotus root, plum blossom candies and thinly sliced seaweed. Both sets include standard Japanese New Year’s fare — pink and white broiled fish cakes, herring roe pickled in the Matsumae style, dried sardines, black soybeans with gold leaf, stewed shrimp, a ball made of tofu skin, sweet rolled omelets with fish paste, and plump shiitake mushrooms.

Wrapped in a cloth, both sets come with a chopstick pouch and box with respective anime imprints. Dig deeper in your pockets as this New Year gourmet meal costs 12,800 yen or 123$.

Steins;Gate bento box meal set Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta bento box meal setThis definitely looks great to me, but that’s one meaty price tag! Might look into getting one sometime over a weekend where I have an extra few yen hanging out of my pocket. Look good to you? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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