7-Meter Miia Dakimakura and Baseball Caps Go on Sale

If you are a fan of Okayado’s Monster Musume (Everyday Life with Monster Girls) and wanted to buy the 7-meter Miia dakimakura that was sold at Comiket 88, but were let down when it sold out in less than an hour, then there is some good news for you! If you live in Japan or have access to a proxy/forwarding service you can order one via the mail order site Hobidas. These 100,000 yen ($806) dakimakura covers are being made-to-order for all of the Miia fans who were not able to get ahold of one from the limited original print run.

7meter Miia Dakimakura Available for order

In addition to this, also being offered is Miia “Roll Me” and Rachnee “Catch Me” baseball caps for 4,000 ($32.4) yen each through November 30, with shipping scheduled for December 19th.

7-Meter Miia Dakimakura and Trucker Caps Go on Sale 1 Monster Musume Baseball Caps

Source: Hobidas

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