Carry Haikyuu!! With You with These Backpacks


From the popular sports anime Haikyuu!! comes new merchandise in the form of backpacks! Support your anime boy volley ball team on the go.

Haikyuu!! teamed up with label beruf baggage to release these gorgeous themed backpacks.

These backpacks are nylon-based  and holds plenty of pockets for all your gizmos and gadgets. The zippers are also waterproof, making this the ideal bag to carry with you on outdoor adventures. This style comes in orange and black, the Karasuno High School volleyball team colors and sports a team seal stitched into the corner.

Haikyu!! Backpack KarasunoHaikyu!! BackpackHaikyu!! Backpack 2 Haikyu!! Backpack 3 Haikyu!! Backpack 4 Haikyu!! Backpack 5 Haikyu!! Backpack 6 Haikyu!! Backpack 7

  • There are two other color coordinated backpacks. The red and black represents the Nekoma High School team.

Haikyu!! Backpack NekomaHaikyu!! Backpack 8 Haikyu!! Backpack 9 Haikyu!! Backpack 10

  • The mint and white style represents the Aoba Jōsai team.

Haikyu!! Backpack Aoba JosaiHaikyu!! Backpack 11 Haikyu!! Backpack 12 Haikyu!! Backpack 13

The bag is currently up for pre-order on online fashion shop SuperGroupies and will be released in February next year. Each backpack runs for 5,984 yen (about 49USD).

Source: Anime News Network