Fans Vote on Which Anime Characters They Would Rather Not Be

Normally, most surveys ask their participants, which anime or manga protagonists would they rather like to be; doing the opposite, however, MyNavi Student asked their readers, “Which anime would you not want to be the hero of?”

The readers’ justifications varied from, “I wouldn’t want to be bullied everyday”,  to “the hero is probably suffering everyday of his life”, to “I don’t want to be traumatized”.

The Top 10 List is:

10. A Little Princess Sara and Chibi Maruko-chan (8 votes, 2.1%)

9. Attack on Titan (8 votes, 2.1%)Fans-Vote-on

8. Crayon Shin-chan (9 votes, 2.4%)Fans-Vote-on

7. One Piece (12 votes, 3.2%)Fans-Vote-on

6. Detective Conan (15 votes, 4.0%)Fans-Vote-on

5. 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (16 votes, 4.3%)Fans-Vote-on

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (18 votes, 4.8%)Fans-Vote-on

3. A Dog of Flanders (23 votes, 6.1%)Fans-Vote-on

2. Dragon Ball (26 votes, 6.9%)Fans-Vote-on

1. Doraemon (36 votes, 9.8%)Fans-Vote-on

So, which anime you would rather not be the hero of? Post in the comments!

Source: MyNavi Student, ANN

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