Figure Review: Asuka Langley Soryu – Neon Genesis Evangelion


Constantly delivering you with reviews about popular anime figures, Haruhichan and is back once again! And to add to our review collection, here is Neon Genesis Evangelion’s feisty Eva Pilot, Asuka Langley Soryu!

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 7

An avid fan or not, everyone would agree that this hot-headed hottie is stunning, and so is this gorgeous figure. Fashioned in her classic plug suit, Asuka is suspended in the air in a very stylized pose which accentuated her tiny frame with deadly bodily curves.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 1

On the front view, Asuka’s bright red plug suit is vibrantly painted well; making the figure a total standout. Details of the plug suit are very accurate such as the black linings throughout her shoulders, arms and legs. Also, being the Second Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit-02, the plug suit stays true to the actual gear as her number, “2”, is both displayed on the chest and back area of the suit.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 8 Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 6

Looking a bit closer, her facial feature is a tad different compared to the whole sexy pose. Her angelic face is a spot-on replica with her cute as a button nose and blue eyes. While her ginger hair effortlessly floats mid-air, and the craftsmanship is impressive as each strand is beautifully flowing. And to complete her pilot gear, Asuka is sporting her A10 nerve clips on both sides of her hair.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 2

To add the sci-fi feel of the series, Asuka seems to be surrounded by waves of black and blue “robotic” wires with gold stripes, looping around her legs, upper torso and hair.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 11

On the side, you have a better view of Asuka’s hair as it shows the volume of her ginger locks scattered in the air.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 4

On the back, Asuka’s back area is perfectly shaped. Also on this view, you can see that her arms and hands are softly arched backwards. The combination of her seriously deadly curves, fiery red plug suit and delicate facial features makes this Asuka figure a great one.

Asuka Plug Suit Pre-painted 3

Standing, or rather floating, the figure is 29cm in height and weighs 1.31kg. You would forget about Shinji not getting in the robot when you have this figure on-hand. And you can have it 25% off its original price if you pre-order it on E2046’s site!