HaiFuri Anime Character Designs by Non Non Biyori’s Atto Revealed


The official website for the recently announced original TV anime Haifuri has launched and has revealed the designs that Non Non Biyori‘s Atto is working on. The series is scheduled to air this April.

The main characters of the anime have also been revealed with the cast yet to be revealed, alongside their original character designs by Atto:

  • Akeno MisakiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Akeno-Misaki
  • Moeka ChinaHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Moeka-China
  • Mashiro MunetaniHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Mashiro-Munetani
  • Hiromi KurokiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Hiromi-Kuroki
  • Maron YanagiwaraHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Maron-Yanagiwara
  • Mikan IrakoHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Mikan-Irako
  • Homare KinesakiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Homare-Kinesaki
  • Akane KinesakiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Akane-Kinesaki
  • Hime WazumiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Hime-Wazumi
  • Momo AokiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Momo-Aoki
  • Ritsuko MatsunagaHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Ritsuko-Matsunaga
  • Rin ShiretokoHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Rin-Shiretoko
  • Shima TateishiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Shima-Tateishi
  • Mei IrizakiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Mei-Irizaki
  • Kouko NosaHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Kouko-Nosa
  • Kaede MarikoujiHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Kaede-Marikouji
  • Machiko NomaHai-Furi-Character-Designs-Machiko-Noma

The staff include:

Anime visual:


Haifuri is an upcoming Japanese anime television series produced by Production IMS. Yuu Nobuta is directing the anime and Reiko Yoshida is handling series composition, with character designs by Naoto Nakamura and original character designs by Atto. It will begin airing in April 2016.

A manga adaptation will be serialized in Media Factory’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive.

Haifuri synopsis from MAL:

With Japan having developed as a maritime nation, it became necessary to have specialized schools to teach skills essential to protecting the sea. The setting is one such all-girls school. The girls who enroll here study to become “blue mermaids,” through classroom instruction and teaching of practical skills.

“Blue mermaids” are women who pursue the ocean for their professional occupation. They live by the motto “In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea we go.” They must excel in their studies, but must also adopt an international mindset. They are the “Elite of the Sea,” and are expected to be knowledgeable of the customs and cultures of other countries as well as their own.

The HaiFuri anime is currently in production and is currently scheduled for April, during the Spring 2016 anime season. Additional information about the series will be revealed at a later date.

You can visit the anime’s website here: http://www.hai-furi.com/
And follow their Twitter: @hai_furi

Source: HaiFuri Website