New Bubuki Buranki Commercial Previews Animation


Kadokawa began streaming new commercials for the upcoming original anime by Sanzigen, Bubuki Buranki, on Thursday. Konomi Suzuki is performing the opening theme “Beat your Heart,” and MYTH&ROID is performing the ending theme “Anger/Anger.”

In addition to this, a new visual for the series has been featured in the January 2016 issueof NewType as a double page spread. This issue can be purchased here (get 5% off with coupon code MOE-N3Y-4YW0QK).

New Bubuki Buranki Visual Revealed in Japanese Magazine

In addition to this, the first promotional video was recently streamed and it was revealed that the series will premiere from January 9th on Tokyo MX.

The website also revealed a new key visual:

Bubuki Buranki Anime Key Visual

The cast were recently revealed in the January 2015 issue of NewType and is as follows:

The staff is as follows:

It was recently revealed that Konomi Suzuki will be performing the opening theme, and MYTH&ROID is performing the ending theme.

Sanzigen was founded in 2003, and incorporated in 2006 by former Gonzo employees as a studio specializing in CGI animation. The company has worked on CG production for various anime, such as Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life, 009 Re:Cyborg, the new Initial D films, and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. The company has produced anime such as the Arpeggio of Blue Steel television anime and its subsequent films, and the Miss Monochrome series.

In 2011, Sanzigen formed the Ultra Super Pictures holding firm alongside Studio Trigger and Ordet. Matsuura serves as Sanzigen’s representative in the firm.

Bubuki Buranki synopsis from Haruhichan:

When Azuma Ikki returns to Japan after 10 years, he gets assaulted by a group of armed men and becomes their prisoner. Kogane Asabuki, a childhood friend, saves him with a weapon on her right hand known as Bubuki, a weapon with its own mind. Azuma Ikki, who is a Bubuki user himself, learns about the existence of Bubuki and goes on a journey alongside the companions he has found in an attempt to find and revive Oumai, a Buranki (titan) who sleeps underground.

Source: Bubuki Buranki official website