New Project – KCP “Kawaii Codec Pack”


Here at Haruhichan, we are proud to announce that we have evolved our all known Hi10P/10-bit guide into its own codec pack (all you lazy people can start cheering). Ever since nand/swaps4 created the original Hi10P/10-bit guide we have tried our best to make it as easy as possible to read and follow. However, we have received a number of complaints with regards to the guide in its current form. Thus, to please the masses, I have transformed the Hi10P/10-bit guide into a simple, yet kawaii codec pack (and added a few tweaks).

I bring to you the ultimate solution: KCP aka “Kawaii Codec Pack”

NOTE: This page is no longer updated see the link below for the latest information.

Click above for the download link and for support!

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
(you most likely already have this installed but its best to play it safe, some filters require this)
.NET Framework 3.0
(comes with all versions of windows since vista)


Please make sure you uninstall ALL instances of MPC-HC, CCCP, ffdshow, madVR, Haali, K-lite, CoreAVC etc. before installing KCP. They may conflict, so do this to be safe :).

I am looking to receive your input on what you would like to see added and what customization options you would like to see in the near future. Your feedback will help improve and mold this codec pack into what it is.

This codec pack will result in higher image quality and performance than using CCCP (or anything ffdshow-based, really), so if you’re struggling to play back Hi10P anime, or even regular 1080p, consider trying this. This codec pack will be updated regularly and uses very new versions of libav for decoding as well as custom edits to make 10-bit decoding even faster, giving it much more speed than the ridiculously outdated ffdshow-tryouts project, and the even more ridiculously outdated CCCP codec pack that is based on it.

This release contains the following, configured to play Hi10P/10-bit anime right after the DEFAULT install:

  • MPC-HC Lite Build
  • madVR v0.85.8
  • LAVFilters-0.55.3 x86 (Audio and Video Filters + Splitter)
  • Haali Matroska Splitter
  • xy-VSFilter

 or install just what you want…


  • Given the ability install the latest xy-VSFilter (optionally)
  • Given the ability install madVR (-evr-cp set as renderer if madVR is not installed)
  • Quick configuration app
  • DXVA/CUDA support on 8-bit playback
  • Hi10P/10-bit support
  • Chapters shown on seekbar
  • Able to take screenshots
  • Visually approving like your eyes have never seen before
  • No more excuses to be lazy, since it just works


Minimum requirements (We have spent dedicated time testing KCP on various setups, these are the minimum requirements we have found that work best):
OS: Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
Specs: 2 GHz dual core or higher, 2 GB Ram or higher, 128MB Video Memory. (Note: This is for 720p Hi10P/10-bit playback)

None yet!

To do: (this is updated almost daily here)

  1. Make installer way more kawaii (our graphic designers are busy fapping atm) – We’ve started but it just isn’t kawaii enough.
  2. Add customization options to the installer for those who are picky
  3. Search for bugs
  4. Test it out as much as we can.


Known bugs (to be fixed in following versions):
None, yay! (please report anything you find)

I plan to update frequently based on the feedback I receive until I am confident there are no issues. Afterwards, I plan on updating the pack monthly (given that there are any updates to the tools included with this pack). Auto update tool on its way.

If you need help in general or find a bug: report it on the forum
Please leave your feedback! Without it I won’t know what to improve on or what you want added.

If all goes well, say something below!

0.1 Initial test release
0.2 Fixed bug with Haali and madvr (automatic fullscreen exclusive mode & seekbar were enabled)
0.3 Fixed uninstaller to remove installed registry entries (still verifying this). Started to make the installer kawaii, but not kawaii enough
0.4 By default LAV Splitter + Haali Matroska Splitter installed
Ability to optionally install filters, tweaking in process
Install Directories changed
0.5 Fixed installer options
Future released version to take on 0.x.x.x numbering now
Numbering convention for releases are now in the systematic form x.x.x.x (
Modified a few small things in the installer (unnoticeable changes)
Made it so the installer can set madVR’s settings
Modifications to madVR default settings:
-Full screen exclusive mode disabled
-Enable seekbar disabled
-Delay playback start until render queue full enabled
-Separate device disabled
-User selectable scaling algorithms (in there but disabled till next version)

Target install directories changed
-All codecs go into one user specified folder in program files
-MPC still installs directly to program files
madVR updated to v0.85.5
Fixed a bad path for a start menu shortcut
modified the madVR defaults again
-Delay playback start until render queue full: disabled
-decode MPEG2: disabled
-decode h264: disabled
-User selectable scaling algorithms screen being tested atm
Installer now modifies madVR scaling algorithms.
-User Selectable presets (“tiers”) included
No pc specs have yet to be officially associated with each tier
Custom option on its way

madVR updated to v0.85.7
fixed errors in madVR config
grammatical errors fixed

uninstaller shortcut added to start menu
made uninstaller clean
madVR now is an optional component (still part of the default selection)
-evr-cp set as renderer if madVR is not installed
Installer pre-configures LAV settings
-Depending on your hardware, the proper hardware decoder is selected (if available).
Support for xp dropped
Pack now uses MPC-HC Lite
LAV filters updated
Quick configuration app is now included – 14/01/2013
Moved install directory of MPC-HC Lite Build
Added shortcut for xy-VSFilter (forgot it)

KCP Settings app:
xy-VSFilter added to filters screen
MPC-HC tab included for changing file associations – 26/01/2013
Typos/Wording fixed
Startmenu Shortcuts optional
Optional MPC background image
Low-tier selected as default

KCP Settings app:
Typos/Wording fixed

madVR updated to v0.85.8
LAVFilters updated to 0.55.2 – 13/02/2013
Lav filters upgraded to 0.55.3
MPC-HC Lite upgraded to (e9b5e7e)


The makers of all the tools implemented.
seidweise for compiling this pack
nand/swaps4 for making the original Hi10P/10-bit guide.
s0beit for being kawaii and a code guru
Vito for doing the banners/graphics!
All you animu elitists.
Daiz – for doubting us
Everyone who is currently testing and giving feedback.

We do no post or give support on any imageboard such as 4chan.
If we ever decide to, we will provide a tripcode in this thread.

madVR scaling algorithms:
The following settings have been approved by madshi (creator of madVR).
The settings corresponding to “Lowest Tier” correlate to what madshi configures in a default madVR install.
During KCP installation, the Mid-tier option is selected as the default option unless the user specifies another tier.
None of these tiers have yet to be associated with any hardware specs officially. User feedback is greatly appreciated as always.

Chroma Upscaling
Ultra-tier: Jinc 3 taps. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
High-tier: Bicubic 75. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
Mid-tier: Bicubic 75. AR disabled, Linear disabled.
Low-tier: Bicubic 75. AR disabled, Linear disabled.
Lowest-tier: Bilinear.

Image Upscaling
Ultra-tier: Jinc 3 taps. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
High-tier: Lanczos 3 taps. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
Mid-tier: Lanczos 3 taps. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
Low-tier: Lanczos 3 taps. AR disabled, Linear disabled.
Lowest-tier: Bilinear.

Image Downscaling
Ultra-tier: Catmull-Rom. AR enabled, Linear enabled.
High-tier: Catmull-Rom. AR enabled, Linear enabled.
Mid-tier: Catmull-Rom. AR enabled, Linear disabled.
Low-tier: Catmull-Rom. AR disabled, Linear disabled.
Lowest-tier: Bilinear.