The official website for the Nisekoi anime has released the cover for the second Nisekoi OVA which will be bundled in the manga’s 16th limited edition on February 4, 2015. The bundle will include a book jacket with an exclusive illustration, a new Weiss Schwarz PR card of Nisekoi, and a limited promotional Nisekoi trading card from MOVIC.

Nisekoi Second OVA Cover Revealed Nisekoi OVA anime


In addition to this new cover, the first key visual for the second season which was recently announced was revealed:

Nisekoi is a manga series that originally started off as a one shot from Naoshi Komi that released in January 2011. Komi then released the manga as a full series later on in the year, when it appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Since 2011, 12 volumes have been released for the romantic comedy. Additionally a voiced comic has also been published and a light novel series. Viz Manga has also picked up the series late 2013 for English localisation, announcing that the chapters would be translated and released in Viz’s Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha. A anime adaptation of the manga aired from January this year and ended in May. The anime is produced by studio Shaft (Bakemonogatari, Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica).

Nisekoi OVA synopsis from Haruhichan:

Bundled with the 14th and 16th volumes of the Nisekoi manga.

Vol. 1: Adapts chapter 58 “Funshitsu” and chapter 64 “Mikosan.”
Vol. 2: Adapts chapter 65 “Henbou” and chapter 71 “Oshigoto.”

Source: Nisekoi official website