Playable Calculator Smash Bros. Fan-Made Game


Are you a fan of Smash Bros.? Then, this should interest you.

You might already know that it’s possible to program for the monochrome Texas Instruments calculators. In fact; there are a lot of people really invested in created stuff for TI calculators. Well, somemone decided that they’d make Smash Bros. on it. It’s called Super Smash Bros. Open, and that was created by Hayleia, who’s also made a Pokemon game for calculators.

Super-Smash-Bros-Open_Haruhichan.com_Screenshots Super-Smash-Bros-Open_Haruhichan.com_Screenshot-02 Super-Smash-Bros-Open_Haruhichan.com_Screenshot-03 Super-Smash-Bros-Open_Haruhichan.com_Screenshot-04

Even if you don’t own a calculator, it’s still a pretty fascinating thing to see and to take a peak at. And it’s a pretty great achievement, programming-wise. Besides, if you know how to code with a calculator, then you can contribute in the game’s development, since it’s open-sourced.

You can download Super Smash Bros. Open in the author’s forum thread here.

Source: Crunchyroll