Rumor: Resident Evil 7 to Be Announced at E3, Returning to Its Horror Roots


Rumor RE7 At E3

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have been a little disappointed in the latest entries of the franchise. The beloved horror games they had come to love began to turn into more action-based gameplay and story elements. The most commonly discussed Resident Evil 6 is a prime example. Based on tweets made by the CEO of the Tokyo-based game industry Kantan Games, Dr. Serkan Toto, there seems to be hope for the franchise yet.

“About Resident Evil 7: Yes, it’s in development,” tweeted Serkan Toto. “The entire game will go back to Resident Evil’s horror roots and (essentially) be a clean slate.”

 He continued, “they will show it at E3. The Resident Evil 7 team hired Jordan Amaro, a designer who previously worked on Metal Gear Solid V and P.T. at Kojima Productions.”

However, this is still a rumor, so it’s best not to get too excited. Although Capcom did say they were planning a “full-scale offensive” for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, and they also hinted at having a couple major titles in the works, with one expected to sell in the 4 million unit-range and the other in the 2 million unit-range.

If there is a new Resident Evil on the horizon, what would you want to see them improve upon?

Source: Siliconera