Shounen Hollywood New Visual


The official website for the upcoming TV Anime series Shounen Hollywood (少年ハリウッド-HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-) have updated their website with a new key visual featuring the five members of the boys idol group Shounen Hollywood on stage: Kakeru Kazami (CV: Ryota Ousaka), Kira Saeki (Daiki Yamashita), Ikuma Amaki (Tetsuya Kakihara), Daiki Tomii (Shota Aoi), and Shun Maiyama (Kensho Ono).

Shounen Hollywood will begin airing on July 6 and which airs during the Summer 2014 anime season.

Shounen Hollywood 30-second TV Spot:

Shounen Hollywood 15-second TV Spot:

Shounen Hollywood PV:

New visual:

Shounen Hollywood New Visual

Old visual:

Shounen Hollywood anime series

Shounen Hollywood synopsis from Haruhichan.

The anime will tell an original story set 15 years after the novel’s story.

It takes place at a fictional theater called Hollywood Tokyo in Harajuku, where members of the idol group “Shonen Hollywood” develop their talents with diligent work and studying.

Source: Crunchyroll