Top 5 Anime Characters Japanese fans want to date

Ah, love is in the air. It has been a trend worldwide to do extra efforts to show someone they admire the gift of love and other presents. And in Japan, it has been a tradition for girls to give chocolate presents to their crush. So, ebookJapan, a Japanese ebook retailer set up a poll asking users which characters they’d most definitely wish to receive chocolates from on Valentines Day. The top 5 characters are:

5.  Amir Halgal, A Bride’s StoryAmir Halgal A Bride's Story

4. Lum, Urusei YatsuraLum Urusei Yatsura

3.Minami Asakura, TouchMinami Asakura Touch

2. Nami, One PieceNami One Piece

1.Kyoko Otonashi, Maison IkkokuKyoko Otonashi

While Japanese girls were asked in the poll which characters they’d want to give chocolates to. See the top 5…

5. Tony Tony Chopper, One PieceTony Tony Chopper

4. Edward Elric, Full Metal AlchemistEdward Elric

3. Jesus, Saint Young MenJesus Saint Young Men

2. Shota Kazehaya, Kimi no TodokeShota Kazehaya

1. Gintoki Sakata, GintamaGintoki Sakata

Makes sense. Seems like Japanese guys prefer the classic anime girls while girls on the other hand, like them fury, with automail prosthetics, and spot-on crazy. Is your husbando and waifu included in the list? Which character and what Valentine gift would you give him/her? Share your ideas below!

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