Valentines’ Day is literally here and Japan didn’t let anime fans down by coming up with gift ideas to buy for family, crush, loved ones or for one’s own self for this love season.  Here are the latest sweets and treats that are definitely going to make one’s heart go doki doki.

Attack on Titan Roll Cakes

Bakery Priroll has come up again with an Attack on Titan theme cakes specifically for Valentines’ Day and it comes with 5 designs:

Main Cast with a Titan (Chibi Version)Attack on Titan Valentine cake rolls 2

Chibi LeviAttack on Titan Chibi Levi Valentine cake roll

Eren JaegerAttack on Titan Eren Jaeger Valentine cake roll

Mikasa AckermanAttack on Mikasa Ackerman Valentine cake roll

LeviAttack on Titan Levi Valentine cake roll

The non-chibi roll cakes can be personalized with your own message and a space for another image of your choice.Attack on Titan Customized Valentine cake rollAttack on Titan Valentine cake roll package

 These Attack on Titans Roll Cakes come in two flavors: cream and chocolate and is sealed in a box with an Attack on Titan design. But if cakes aren’t really your kind of Valentine gift then maybe these fancy chocolates would get you off your feet.

Naruto Shippuden Chocolate

Tokyo Chocolate

Originating in France, wherein Naruto has gotten an enormous fan base, Tokyo Chocolate and Salon Du Chocolat collaborated in a high-end Naruto chocolate collection last 2013. And for a limited time, they are selling Naruto Shippuden Chocolat for this love month.

Naruto Chocolate

The collection has 4 variants: Citron Naruto, Sesame Sasuke, Cherry Sakura and Green Tea Kakashi. While the designs are the characters’ portraits and emblems. A box has 8 chocolate pieces and is sold for 1,575 yen. This sure is expensive and just like the Attack on Titan Roll Cake, are exclusively sold in Japan. But that doesn’t mean you can unleash your love anime style.

Melt hearts (or try, at least) with these overly cheesy but cute Valentines’ Cards:

Psycho-Pass, Dangan Ronpa, Robotics;NotesPsycho Pass Dangan Ronpa Robotic Notes Valentines Card

Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, OniAiFruits Basket Full Metal Alchemist Oni Ai Valentines Card

Fujiko Mine, One Kiss, Mirai NikkiMirai Nikki Fujiko Mine One Kiss  Valentines Card

Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, Good Luck GirlFairy Tail Dragon Ball Z Good Luck Girl Valentines Card

For the pdf downloads, you can directly go to Funimation’s site here.

Or if you’re feeling extra fancy then show your utmost devotion to your loved one with Premium Bandai’s latest Sailor Moon jewelry collection.

Inspired by Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity Crystal Tiara, the ring is made of sterling silver with K18 gold plating and a Swarovski crystal in the middle of the heart-shaped tiara piece. Sailor Moon Jewelry

Premium Bandai is also selling earring sets with the Inner Senshi symbols as the designs. These earrings is made of tin alloy with K18 gold plating and Swarovski crystals as well.Sailor Moon Jewelry earring sets senshi symbol designs

The Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity Crystal Tiara ring is priced at ¥15,120 (~$150), while the earrings sets is being sold for ¥12,960 (~$129).Sailor Moon's Princess Serenity Crystal Tiara ring

Make your girl feel like a Sailor girl while you two watch the new Sailor Moon series later this year with these unearthly jewelry pieces.

 Valentines and love in general can really make people inspire to do something for their loved ones! Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts about the products above below!