Watch This Kekkai Sensen Ending Parody While You Wait for the Last Episode


It has been a hot topic about the whereabouts of a spring anime, Kekkai Sensen‘s, final episode, because until now, given that it’s already halfway the Summer 2015 season, the said episode hasn’t been aired yet. The said reason is that the 13th episode of the anime is more than 30 minutes, and the producers are finding a time-slot to fit it in. However, it has been announced that Animax Japan will be re-broadcasting the anime starting September 14. Who knows, maybe the lost episode will be aired there?

Speaking of Kekkai Sensen, a group of Japanese cosplayers and fans parodied the ending theme of the anime. Posted in Nico Nico Douga with almost 53,000 plays, these fans almost got the gist of Unison Square Garden’s Sugar Song and Bitter Step with singing and dancing.

Original Ending Theme:

Source: GetNews