Wonder Festival (Wonfes) Show Floor Summer 2013!


Wonder Festival Summer 2013 is here!
Yay! That means even more cutie plastic girls (and guys! [and robots! and godzilla! and stuff of that nature.])

There’s new figures from currently airing anime and anime to air soon and even some figures from older series. Just like the last Wonfes, I’ll be aggregating images and posting them here for anyone in case they’ve missed anything (Remember to keep checking back for new images)! I hope it’s useful!

If you’re not a buyer, these figures are still cute and plenty of fun to look at so check it out, it’s a huge gallery so prepare yourself.
Just like last year, there’s bound to be a huge amount of images!

Warning: Due to the high amount of images, please let the page fully load. Otherwise the images will appear to be disorganized.