Add This Graceful Amatsukaze Figure to Your Fleet Today

With the promotional video recently being revealed for the upcoming TV anime of the popular online card browser game Kantai Collection, there is no better time to add this graceful Amatsukaze figure to your fleet. Her name means “heavenly wind” and she based on the Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze. She has survived a torpedo attack from USS Redfin, presumed sunk at the scene which was found six days later. Don’t worry, this battleship daughter won’t actually hurt you.

The figure is sculpted by Mowano while the paintwork is handled by Chizuru Nagumo. It’s a 1/7 scale figure and is approximately 220mm tall.

Kantai Collection – Amatsukaze 1/7 Figure – Preorder item scheduled for release in December 2014, preorder on on JList.

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