Duel Masters Versus Revolution Anime Slated for April 2015


On January 18th, 2015, the official website for the Duel Masters Versus anime announced that their all new Duel Masters Versus Revolution television anime will be premiering in April. Along with the announcement, the website began to stream a PV for the anime based on the Duel Masters card game produced by Shogakukan and Wizards of the Coast.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution PV:


  • Narrator and Text: In 2015, a revolution will occur in Duel Masters!?
  • Narrator and Text: The theme park of mysteries that suddenly appeared!?
  • Narrator and Text: Appearing before Katta Kirifuda…
  • Narrator and Text: A new enemy attacks…!
  • Narrator and Text: That Fang that begins the invasion on the Duel Masters…!?
  • Narrator and Text: What will you do!!? Katta Kirifuda!!!!
  • Katta: It’s an exploding duel revolution!!
  • Katta: Duel Masters Versus Revolution
  • Katta: A revolution begins in April 2015!

The series is centered around Kirifuda Katta, the younger brother of the famous and incredibly popular Kirifuda Shoubu. He has been starring in numerous anime that are also based on Duel Masters; he first debuted in the 2011 Duel Masters Victory anime. His name is said the same way one would say “winning trump card” in Japanese. Kirifuda Katta is a young boy who enjoys dueling with cards by summoning massive machine/beast things. He and his numerous allies and friends are always looking for adventure!

The Duel Masters franchise started off with a manga, first published in 1999, by Matsumoto Shigenobu and published by Shokakukan. It was later developed into a popular card game marketed by Takara Tomy and later developed into an english card game by Wizards of the Coast. Duel Masters has already be adapted into eleven different anime series starting from 1999: Duel Masters, Duel Masters Charge, Shinseiki Duel Masters Flash, Zero Duel Masters, Duel Masters Zero, Duel Masters Cross, Duel Masters Cross Shock, Duel Masters Victory, Duel Masters Victory V, Duel Masters Victory V3, and Duel Masters Versus.

Anime visual:

Duel Masters Versus Revolution anime visual haruhichan.com

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