When was the last time a figure stimulated you this much? Well, the last time doesn’t matter because we have something new for you. We present to you another fine addition to the E2046 family – and the most provocative one we’ve had the pleasure to review by far; SoniComi main character and Nitroplus mascot: Sonico. Oh, but this isn’t just any Sonico figure. The voluptuous model isn’t striking just any ordinary pose or wearing any ordinary dress, this figure is clad in entirely all but… nothing! That’s right folks, we have caught her in her birthday suit just as she enters the bathtub, ready to wash that sultry body after a hard day of work. We all have our weaknesses gentlemen, and this figure seems to be exploiting all the right ones.

From her gorgeous pink hair down to the curl of her toes, Sonico manages to prove an object of desire to hardcore eroge fans and casual anime enthusiasts alike. Let us begin with her headphones – which is, if you’ll allow me to remind you, the only thing she is wearing! Though delicate and certainly difficult to put together, the makers have managed to pull this one off with the usual excellence expected of them – its silvery paint offering a metallic contrast to her matte pink hair, which beautifully flows below her shoulders and along her back, the upper portion of the hair framing her irresistibly pretty face while the ends of her hair clump together as hair does when wet. The paint job darkens ever so slightly down the hair, furthering the impression that the hair is damp. Her innocent  – somewhat shy – expression makes her look cuter than ever. Well, what do you expect,? She is in a somewhat compromising predicament after all! Much to our pleasure.

Let us pan the camera to the side to admire her luscious little figure from another angle. As you can tell by now (because we know you’ve checked, you nasty person, you) only the bare minimums are covered. So, perhaps we may not see her round, perky bosoms in their entirety, but it leaves just enough to the imagination to get us reasonably… excited, for lack of a better word. There is not much that can be written to make her seem more enticing, as she has done a marvelous job herself. Her curvaceous figure certainly manages to double my heart rate! But if you like her now, you’ll love her when you see her from behind.

Her alluring curves make themselves apparent when she is viewed from this angle, her perfect hourglass figure succeeding in causing more than just a slight stir in our pants. What sweetens the deal is just how realistic it looks. The photo-realistic paint job coupled with her stunning shape combines to make her absolutely jawdropping. Nothing left to the imagination here folks, it’s all there for us to gawk at, and we’re most certainly not complaining.

What one probably fails to notice (mostly because we’re too busy drooling) is that the bathtub is not complete, but only a section of it. It is, however, filled with a material that makes it look like it is filled with bubbles. A similar material to what covers her “important bits”. Sonico herself is on a small stand within the tub section, made from transparent plastic. Also included within is a small variety of “little friends”.

Her tub toys include a little yellow rubber duckie, a frog, and what appears to be a green rat with a flower growing out of its head. Yeah, I don’t get it either. But who cares? Our focus is on Sonico! Getting back to her, more specifically, her specifications…

Standing at 25cm – almost 10 inches – and weighing almost 2kg – that is, approximately 4.5lbs – this is a relatively heavy model, but as there are not many fragile bits that protrude from its central figure, it is still easily manageable and makes for a mighty fine display piece. Some minor assembly is required, but she comes expertly pre-painted and built by those who are best at it. As far as customer satisfaction goes, Sonico is top notch, with no reported complaints. Normally sold at $200, she comes at a 25% discount, dropping her down to an affordable $149.99. Available for pre-order here at the quoted price. That discount may not last forever though, so if I were you I’d get my hands on this bathtub beauty as soon as possible!