Everyone’s favorite British built Japanese battleship from the Kantai Collection franchise is getting yet another figure! That’s right! Kongou has received another 1/8 scale figure, this time from the manufacturer Ques Q.

This version of Kongou is sitting down so she only comes in at 90 mm (about 3.5 inches) which will end up looking great in any display. She also comes with a rather detailed display of her amazing assets, the battleship’s guns and tower for her to pose with. Complete with flowing clothes and thigh high boots, Kongou’s pose in this figure is much more gentle and peaceful than some of the other figures that she has received to help differentiate from this particular figure from the rest.

Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 02 Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 18Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 12Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 11Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 10Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 08Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 15Kancolle Kongou Ques Q Figure 13

This figure can grace your battlefield when it releases in January of 2016 at a retail price of 14500 yen (120 USD). If this price seems too steep to instantly pre-order feel free to wait until the finished product is shown to get the final verdict on the quality to see if she is worth the hefty price-tag.