New The [email protected] Game for Playstation 4 in Development


During Tokyo Game Show 2014, foreign media outlets were able to interview Yozo Sakagami, a producer for Bandai Namco Games, about The [email protected] and where the series was heading. One interviewer questioned if there would be an extension to the PS3 The [email protected] game, The [email protected]: One For All, would be released. His response was:

If it were an extension of the game that launched for PlayStation 3, then the PlayStation 4 version would have been out already.

Sakagami Interview

His statement in a way confirmed that this new The [email protected] game will be different from The [email protected]: One For All, the PS3 game and be the first PS4 The [email protected] game in the series.

His statement about the PS4 The [email protected] game was simply:  “Development has just begun.”

When asked about The [email protected] Shiny Festa, which recently received an iOS version, he commented that there were no plans in porting it to any other platforms like the Playstation Vita. However, he confirmed a plan to localize the game for the English and Chinese market.

the iDOLM@STER PS4 game the idolmaster anime game

Source: sgcafe, kultur