Tai & Agumon Visual Revealed in Animedia


A brand new visual will be released in the September issue of Animedia for the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri. theatrical anime series. The new visual will be the first in a series of posters that focuses on each of the anime’s main characters from the Digimon series, with the first featuring Taichi “Tai” Yagami and Agumon.

Digimon Adventure Tri Tai & Agumon Visual Revealed in Animedia

Here’s the most recent visual for the upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri. anime series, it showcases two of the main Digimon that will appear in the anime, Omegamon and Alphamon as they clash.


The new visual features the two main Digi-destined, Taichi “Tai” Yagami and Yamato “Matt” Ishida, riding the fusion of their two Digimon, Omegamon (Omnimon) as it battles with Alphamon. In the other anime series, both are members of the Royal Knights, the guardians of the Digital World. The reason for the two to fight has yet to been revealed.

The official website of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary has been updated with new character visuals, and chance to win tickets for Digimon Adventure Fes. 2015. It was also revealed that an event will be held on August 1 at the Toyosu PIT concert hall, which will look back at Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 and showcase a new preview of Digimon Adventure Tri.

New Digimon Adventure Tri Character Design Visuals 1New Digimon Adventure Tri Character Design Visuals 2

In addition to this, the official website of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary had Davis (Daisuke) from the second season of the Digimon anime, Digimon Adventure 02, in its meta tags last May. This may hint that he might appear in the upcoming Digimon Adventure trianime, as well as any other characters from the second season.

Davis himself is the main character from Digimon Adventure 02 and this piece of information could hint that he could be appearing in the third season. This could also mean that other characters or Digimon from the second season would also appear and that the events that occurred in 02 could carry over. There is also a possibility that his name is there just for SEO.


The first footage of Digimon Adventure tri. has been recently released which has revealed lots of new information about the upcoming series. It has revealed that the anime will be released in Japanese cinemas and will run for a total of 6 episodes. The first episode will be titled Saikai (Reunion). An event will be held on August 1st which will have a special screening of the anime’s first episode, before being released in Japanese cinemas on November 21st this year.

The cast members of the 8 Digi-destined have also been revealed. The voice actors and actresses from the previous anime will not return and will instead include a new cast:

  • Natsuki Hanae (Inaho Kaizuka from Aldnoah.Zero) will voice lead character Taichi “Tai” Yagami
  • Suzuko Mimori (Umi Sonoda in Love Live! School Idol Project) voices Sora Takenouchi
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya (Junpei Hyuuga in Kuroko’s Basketball) as Yamato “Matt” Ishida
  • Mutsumi Tamura (Sonya from Kill Me Baby) is voicing Koushiro Izumi
  • Hitomi Yoshida (Haru Miura from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) will voice Mimi Tachikawa
  • Junya Ikeda (Ataru Suruga in Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince) voices Jo Kido
  • Junya Enoki (Shion Kiba from Cardfight!! Vanguard G) as Takeru Takaishi
  • Mao Ichimichi (Kazumi Schlierenzauer from Gokukoku no Brynhildr) will play Hikari Yagami

Digimon Adventure Tri. PV to Debut on May 6

Recently the official website also revealed a new key visual for the series. In addition to this, it has also been revealed that the Kouji Wada will return to do the opening theme song “Butter-Fly” while Miyazaki Ayumi will return to perform “Brave Heart” for the insert song. The Digimon cast will remain the same.

New Digimon Adventure Tri. Key Visual Revealed haruhichan.com digimon adventure 2015 key visual

The main staff members of Digimon Adventure Tri. includes:

  • Director: Keitaro Motonaga (Date A Live, Katanagatari)
  • Anime Character Designer: Atsuya Uki (tsuritama, Cencoroll)
  • Series Composer: Yuko Kakihara (Sora no Otoshimono, Persona 4: The Animation)
  • Animation Studio: Toei Animation (Sailor Moon CrystalOne Piece)

The Spring 2015 anime will be set 6 years after the end of the original series, and 3 years after Digimon Adventure 02. The newly announced anime will be produced by Toei Animation (Sailor Moon CrystalOne Piece) and follow 17 year old Tai who is currently in high school with Agumon. Toei Animation released the first teaser video about the new series:

Digimon (Digital Monsters in Japan) is a large multimedia franchise that was based on Bandai’s Digivice products, which first released in 1997. The toys were based on Tamagotchis, which were also produced by Bandai. The toys were seen as more female orientated products, so Bandai created a new line of products for a male equivalent. The first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, was produced in 1999 by Toei Animation. A film and TV anime were released alongside each other in 1999, the movie being a 20 minute anime produced by Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf ChildrenThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time). Since then there has been numerous anime series, toys, figures, manga, video games and trading card games in the franchise. And this year, will mark the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure.


Only time will tell whether if Davis or any of the other characters from Digimon Adventure 02 will appear in the upcoming anime. Digimon Adventure triwill be a 6 part anime film series with the first episode releasing in Japan on November 21st this year. An advanced screening of the episode will be revealed at Digi-Festa on August 1st. Further information about the anime will be revealed soon.

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Source: Otaku Tale, Digi Egg