Tamako Market


Here’s one show to look out for: Tamako Market. Brought to you by my favorite; Kyoto Animation. As you can see above, the animation style is very reminiscent of K-ON! This can lead us to believe Tamako Market will be another light hearted comedy aimed at all ages. It also somewhat reminds me of Kokoro Connect, which although an excellent show in it’s own right, is not by the same production company, so we can’t make assumptions based on that. However, this is just personal speculation as very little information is given as yet. Here’s a preview to give you a little taste! It is expected to release sometime in 2013. Expect updates on this! Here’s the official site.

Here are the minds behind this upcoming piece:

Director: Yamada Naoko
Series Composition: Yoshida Reiko
Character Design: Horiguchi Yukiko