Top 10 Anime of Spring 2016


spring 2016 featured image

Japanese website AnimeAnime has recently held a week long poll for their readers to decide what the best anime of the Spring 2016 anime season. The poll had a result of 820 fans voting for their top anime from the previous reason; where 40% of all voters were teens and just over 50% being male.

Here are the results:

10. Sakamoto desu ga?Sakamoto-desu-ga-Anime-Visual-02
9. HaifuriNyanType Magazine July 2016 anime posters Haifuri
8. Macross DeltaNew Macross Delta TV Anime Visual Revealed
7. Joker GameJoker Game anime visual
6. Assassination Classroom Season 2Assassination-Classroom-Anime-Season-2-Visual-02
5. Flying WitchMegami-Magazine-June-2016-anime-poster flying witch
4. Boku no Hero AcademiaBoku-no-Hero-Academia-Anime-Visual-04
3. Bungou Stray DogsBungou Stray Dogs Slated for April and Visual Revealed
2. Koutetsujou no KabaneriKoutetsujou no Kabaneri anime visual revealed in animage
1. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai SeikatsuRe-Zero-kara-Hajimeru-Isekai-Seikatsu-Anime-Visual-00